How to update XenMobile from 10.1 or 10.2 to 10.3

This article will show you how easy it is to update your Xenmobile 10.1 or 10.2 appliance to version 10.3.


When updating from XenMobile 10.1 to version 10.3, if the WorxStore has a custom name, you must change the store name to the default setting of Store and deploy the setting to devices before updating. If not, the custom store name causes issues with XenMobile 10.3 enrollment, access to Worx Home and the WorxStore, and app deployment on iOS devices.

First login in to the Citrix Portal and go to “XenMobile 10 Server”.

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Netscaler configuration for XenMobile 10

This Article will show you how to configure your Netscaler 11 for Xenmobile 10


First here is the design for the configuration:

The DMZ is 10.30.1.X

The Internal LAN is 10.16.1.X


I have used the following ip addresses for this configuration:

DMZ:                             MAM Loadbalancer                             MDM Loadbalancer                           MAM Gateway


For the internal LAN I have used the following ip addresses:                           XM Server


Make sure that you create 2 NAT rules.

The first NAT rule for MDM where the packets will be deliverd on the MDM Loadbalancer. In mine case

The second NAT rule for MAM where the packets will be deliverd on the MAM Gateway. In mine case



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Netscaler VPX 11.0 upgrade

This Article will show you how easy the upgrade process is of the Netscaler VPX 11.0.

I’m going to upgrade my Netscaler from version 63.16 to 64.34

Here is a screenshot from the version before the upgrade


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Nimble basic setup ( CLI + GUI )


  • Nimble Connection Cable ( supplied with every new nimble out of the box)
    • 2015-12-29_13h57_42
  • Null-modem cable
    • USB to serial converter

Connect to the active controller

After the first startup you can’t see which controller is active you have to connect to 1 controller first if you get no setup connect to the other controller

( Serial access using “dongle” » 115200, 8bits, No parity, 1 stop )

Connect to port Number 6


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Application wrapping for Xenmobile

This guide will show you how to wrap applications for Citrix Xenmobile.


First you will need a Mac or a virtual Machine with MAC OS running on it.

I used a Virtual Machine running MAC OS El Capitan on Vmware Workstation 11.


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Nimble array upgrade (GUI)

Before you begin

  • Check your current version of the NimbleOS
  • Check system health because your Nimble is going to do a controller failover during the upgrade process

Understanding the Nimble OS Upgrade Process

The Nimble OS Upgrade contains the following steps:

  1. Load new firmware to standby
  2. Reboot standby to run new rev.
  3. Load new firmware to other controller
  4. Reboot active to activate new rev. – causes failover and the standby becomes active


The upgrade 

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